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Our company is working in a market of the European Union. Currently our company is trading High-Sulfur Gasoil products. During this year, we took a position in a market in the South, selling our products from the Southern Ports, such as Tuapse. Our company has the potential for direct deliveries of other Oil and Oil-related products. We are also working to enter the broader market and are developing our own network of product/logistics/storage/sales.

Currently the Company is working on volumes of oil products that will be offered for sale starting January 2017. We hope to enlarge the scope of products offered to our off-takers and users. We hope to continue the growth of the company in the upcoming year. We will update the list of products offered, as soon as they become available. We are sure that we will widen the geography of our deliveries, as always maintaining highest quality of the products and its availability.

In support of our trading activities our company is able to arrange storage facilities in most of the major Ports.

Our main resources are constant availability of Oil Products and financial capabilities, thanks to the strong support from our shareholders and top European Banks.